Dispo’s Dynamic Travel Affiliate Program

Discover the unmatched earning potential of Dispo’s Travel Affiliate Program. Earn unprecedented commissions, with rates reaching up to 60% on direct sales. Position yourself for financial success by joining a program that establishes the benchmark for excellence in the travel industry.

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Ways to get paid with our travel affiliate program

Up to


Lifetime Commission.

Bring aboard travel professionals to book services on Dispo’s platform. Earn up to 5% (from Dispo’s net profit) for every booking they make and secure a lifetime of commissions from their sales.

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Commission From Direct sales.

Get the biggest piece of the pie from direct sales. Simply share your affiliate link from any product of your choice and sell directly to the end customer to earn up to 60% (Dispo’s net profit) from each sale.

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Every time a service is performed.

Invite a service provider to join Dispo.Travel and earn up to 2% (from Dispo’s net profit) from each service they deliver. Enjoy continuous earnings as long as your service provider remains active, potentially lasting indefinitely!

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Who do we work with?


Most our tours often commence from hotels. By integrating a tour booking option via our affiliate link on your website, or with a QR code in your Hotel rooms, you not only support tour companies in securing more bookings in advance but also create an additional source of income for yourself.

Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are the perfect match for our travel affiliate text links. Get your affiliate link and post it on your blog post. Add value to your article and let your customers actually book a related service directly from the service provider.

Online Travel Agencies (OTA)

Tours and transfers are offered for both leisure and business travelers across the globe. Becoming a part of our travel affiliate program you get a hassle-free and swift method to present our unique tours and transfers options to your clients.

Travel professionals

Great fit for travel agencies, tour operators, DMC’s, MICE and other types of travel businesses. Send direct text links, attract new partners to the platform and earn endless commissions. Get involved even more and become an official partner in your region.

Event Companies

Use any type of affilite options Dispo offers and gain more trust from your customers, by providing white label text links and QR codes at your events. Simplify your events logistics with QR codes and help your customers to navigate to and from the event, and earn commission.

Social Media professionals

Influencers should find it a great opportunity to get great publicity and ability to promote any destination we offer. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media platform. With unseen payouts and completely automated.

Frequently asked questions

Does it cost anything to join?

No! Our travel affiliate program is absolutely free.

Is there training or support provided for affiliates?

Yes, we provide basic training such as webinars to our affiliates and our support team is available at any time.

How are affiliate sales and referrals tracked?

In our system we have dashboards where you can track bookings, requests, conversions, and earnings.

How much can I earn and how are commissions paid?

You get paid 60% from all direct sales to end customers. And up to 5% from each purchase the B2B customer makes. Meaning that your earning depends on what customers you focus on. All payouts are handled manually on the 1st date of each month.

What types of links are available?

We offer 3 types of links.
1. direct sales link to the end customer, promoting a specific product.
2. A link for attracting a B2B customer that will book services for others and for himself.
3. A link to attract a service provider. Each time the service provider then provides service you get paid.

How does the affiliate program work?

Visitor clicks on your affiliate link or scans a QR code and visits Dispo.travel. Each unique click is recorded in our database for a full year (365 days). If the visitor proceeds to book a transfer or a tour and completes the purchase, you will receive a percentage of our profit. Moreover, if the same customer returns and books another service within this 365-day period, you will continue to earn a percentage of our profit. All these transactions are carefully tracked and managed, ensuring transparency and accuracy.


Text links

Travel-oriented articles are an ideal fit for your affiliate text links. Whether the content revolves around a specific destination or offers general insights and tips for travelers, be sure to include a link that directs your readers to the relevant page on our website in the appropriate language.

QR Codes

Use the QR codes generated by our system on any material you may have. In social media posts, in email campaigns, on printed materials, on business cards, at events or conferences. The possibilities are endless.

REST API integration

A great choice for online travel agencies, this API is designed for seamless integration into your website, ensuring a superb customer experience and real-time data exchange.

365 Days long Cookie Life

365 cookie Life.
On all direct sales

Earn commission through our extraordinary travel affiliate program that is truly out of this world.

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